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Nimbus by Jeyps Vaper and Saint Quii Vaper

   Whats-up vaporians..here you go for the Vapor Beast atty from Philippines, The Nimbus by Jeyps Vaper & Saint Quii Vaper. Still available with limited stock in my store. Please fill the form for your order with North Borneo Smoke, because after i put it here "SOLD OUT" that's means no luck for u anymore . open price for   $99 (USD). 

RIVIEW BY Patrick Morris

The Nimbus rebuildable dripping atomizer from Jeyps Vaper and Saint Quii Vaper.

Filipino Pride

As we mentioned, this comes from the Phillipines. Where the U.S. market seems flooded these days with Genesis-style atomizers, the Pinoy seem to really love their drippers. U.S. sites may only carry a couple, like the Chinese-made IGO-L and possibly the A7, but sites like myvape based in the Phillipines will generally feature a much broader selection of dripping atomizers. As it turns out, not only do they buy drippers, but they make some pretty good ones as well.

The Nimbus is designed as a high-performance atomizer, which is made very obvious when you pop off the press-fitted top cap. Inside, you’ll find three posts, as opposed to the more familiar two-post set up. The reason for the third post is that the Nimbus is designed as a dual-coil dripper: it is built so that twin coils can be run from the common center post to each of the the two grounding posts. As a result, the Nimbus is capable of an almost scary amount of vapor production.

We’re already big fans of this atomizer. The cap fits tightly, but is easy to take off and put back on, the posts are solidly connected, and the well-positioned post holes make it relatively easy to set up. Most cheaper drippers seem to just leave those holes wherever they end up when the posts are attached, but care has obviously been taken here to align them. It’s a small touch, but it shows the kind of care and pride in workmanship that goes into building the Nimbus.

Our Nimbus performed very well. Flavor was great, and vapor production was pretty massive. After having used the Nimbus for a good part of the day, going back to one of the cheaper single-coil drippers we loved just yesterday doesn’t seem like as attractive an option any more.

The Scores

Build Quality: 9/10

We have been very impressed with the build of the Nimbus. It threads onto our PVs cleanly and smoothly, the cap fits about as well as a cap can, and there are signs, like the aligned post holes, making it clear that each unit is crafted with quality in mind. That attention to detail pays off with an atomizer that’s at least as well built as any dripper we’ve used to date.

Looks: 8/10

We love the look of the Nimbus. It’s clean and simple, with just a touch of flair in the form of the rings etched around the top of the cap, and the subtle, yet detailed, logo engraving. While we’re not particular fond of how “Nimbus” overlaps the sun symbol in the logo, that really a very minor thing to complain about, and not something anyone’s likely to ever notice under normal use.

Flexibility: 9/10

The triple-post setup gives the Nimbus a dual-coil option most other drippers don’t have, and raises it to a level of potential performance they can’t meet. It’s also a good size, with a 20mm diameter that will make it look right at home on a broad range of PVs. It looks particularly sexy on top of slant-top PVs like the Provari, or 20mm mods like the GGTB we used for testing it.

Performance: 9/10

We found the flavor and vapor produced by the Nimbus to be excellent, easily exceeding the performance of our single-coil drippers. While it may take a bit more work to set up the Nimbus in a way that takes advantage of its capacity for dual coils, we found the effort to be very much worth making.

Price: 8/10

The Nimbus can be difficult to acquire in the States, where dripping atomizers aren’t as popular as in the Phillipines, where the Nimbus is made. Buying one may require expensive overseas shipping, While the Nimbus can be found in classifieds and other places that trade vaping equipment, it will often sell for double, or even triple.

Overall Score: 8.6

Posted by Patrick Morris at 9:26 PM / Thursday, April 4, 2013

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