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The Madz Modz NZonic V3

Share the review about NZonic V3 from Vape, I own this mod and for me it was a beautiful maria, why? because its the most beautiful modz that i ever had. For the performance, in 5 star, i'll give it 4. I don't care whatever people say because i use it for a long time and it never disappointing me. The firing is good, comfort in hand no matter what 18XXX battery that we use, the floating positive pin help a lot to fit any atomizer and the most important is, NZonic best match with Nimbus RBA Atomizer. M ine is #1517. So grab yours today it will really amaze you.

The NZonic V3

The NZonic V3 is a telescoping mechanical mod, rather strikingly constructed from a mix of stainless steel and brass, with a brushed finish. Included with the mod were two center tubes — one for use with 18350 and 18500 batteries, and a longer one for use with 18650s. While it was obviously a bit more work to switch tubes if we changed battery sizes, the trade-off is that the different sized tubes allowed us to put the mod back together with a minimum of twisting after the battery had been inserted.  It should also be noted that, with the longer tube, we were able to use an 18650 with an Evolv Kick or Artisan Vaping Crown, though the mod was almost obscenely long at that point. We think it looks a lot better in shorter configuration, such as with an 18500.
The bottom-mounted button uses magnets instead of springs, and has a deceptively light feel and short throw. While we were sure it would be triggered when standing the NZonic V3 on end — particularly with the 18650 in it — we found that not to be the case. While the NZonic does feature a reverse-threaded locking ring, the button is perfectly capable of supporting the weight of the NZonic, even in its heaviest configuration, without misfires.

It’s All in the Details

NZonic V3 button
NZonic V3 button
One of the things that sets the NZonic V3 apart from other mods is the small details: not only is it very well-constructed with smooth threads all around, and a solid, substantial feel to it, but extra attention has been given to little things that really make it stand out. The top of the mod, for example, is very deeply engraved with a sun motif inspired by the flag of the Philippines. At the other end, set in the center of the brass, bottom-mounted button, is a small, green Swarovski crystal below an engraved serial number. While none of these, obviously, have any effect on the performance of the mod, they’re definitely attention-grabbers, and make the mod feel like something a little special.

Putting the NZonic to the Test

While the NZonic V3 is certainly a very good-looking mod, one of the primary things we look for in a mechanical is performance. Without any extra circuitry to enhance the battery voltage, how efficiently the mod carries voltage from the battery to the atomizer becomes much more important than with a variable voltage or variable wattage mod.
NZonic V3 in 18500 mode
The NZonic V3 seems to carry all the hallmarks of a high-performance mod: in addition to it solid construction, it features copper contacts at both ends of the battery. However, while we found the NZonic V3 to perform well in our tests, it did not perform exceptionally. Voltage drop was a bit higher than we would typically expect from a mod in the NZonic’s price range, with the mod retaining about 94% of battery voltage, or a voltage drop of nearly .25 volts from a battery charged to 4.2 volts, under load. While this is not excessive loss by any means, our highest-performing mods typically retain 96 or 97% of battery voltage. We don’t doubt that this number could be increased somewhat with performance-increasing measures such as sanding the copper contacts, that’s a bit above and beyond the sort of thing we typically do when testing a new mod.
If we’re sounding a little harsh about the small amount of voltage drop we experienced with the NZonic V3, it’s due in large part to the rather hefty price tag on the mod we purchased. At $185 from Vaping Ace, this mod was downright expensive, and we do expect a higher amount of performance from a $185 mod than we would from a much cheaper mod like, for example, the Kamry KTS, which showed very similar performance numbers in our tests. That’s not to say that both mods are in the same league; the NZonic is far and a way the better-built and better-looking, but it did not turn out to be better-performing.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a good-looking mod the feels like it’ll last a very long time, with some great craftsmanship and plenty of small details that will make it stand out in a crowd, you won’t go too far wrong with the NZonic V3. While we didn’t find its performance to be stellar, we did find it to be a beautiful, well-crafted, and very flexible mechanical mod that you’ll enjoy owning, as long as you don’t have high output as your primary focus.
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