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v2 Liquimax Cartridges Review PLUS Tips On How To Use Them

Since releasing their first blank cartridges, v2cigs has recently come out with Liquimax Blank cartridges, which originally stated that they could be reusable for up to 30 times. Since the release, v2cigs has changed the claim from "up to 30" to "up to 20" times. The key words to remember here are “up to”. Out of the 10 liquimax cartridges that I have tried, only one has held strong to its original word. The others fell short, lasting between 12 and 20 times - which is still within it's updated realm. One had a loose seal, and wasn’t worth risking the loss of e-liquid, and therefore was classified, in my opinion, as a dud.

As you can see from the picture above, the liquimax cartridges are clear and probably (do not quote me here) made of plastic. The transparent cartridge allows you to see how much liquid is still contained within, which allows you to know when you are running low. This will help prevent the burnt-taste, because you won't accidentally allow the cotton to run dry. The mouthpiece (black part) is easily removed and you refill the cartridge with e-liquid by squeezing the liquid down the sides of the open hole.

Now, although it may sound as though I was bashing these cartridges, I simply want to provide you with unbiased and helpful information. With that said, there is more for you to know:

1) The liquimax cartridges provide much more usage than the former options, so despite not achieving what v2 originally claimed, they are still well worth the purchase – even if you come across the occasional dud. Also, v2 has expressed their efforts to correct the issues of loose threading, and I have not had any other issues since then.

2) Since revising their claim, the liquimax cartridges do hold more true to their word. 3) there are many things that I had to learn in order to maximize their lifespan, much like that of the disposables, which is why I’m going to share that information with you.


1.When filling up your liquimax cartridges, you need to let them soak for a little while before use. This will decrease the likelihood of burning them out. Give them at least 10 minutes. 

2. Never let your liquimax cartridge run low on liquid. 

    a. Even if it looks like the cotton still has some liquid on it, fill 
        it back up. I try to keep mine filled constantly.

3. Alternate between cartridges.

     a. If you’ve refilled your liquimax cartridge 5 times, refill it once more and set it aside and start using a new one.

     b. This might sound silly, but think about it. If you’ve been playing your xbox for an extended period of time, eventually it will begin to run hot and you'll want to give it a break. Or, if you’ve been driving your car for a long time without an oil change, eventually you’ll run out of oil and can cause some serious damage.

      c. So, give your cartridge a break and let it sit for a while before using it again.

4. After reusing your liquimax cartridge multiple times, you will notice that the liquid might start turning a darker color. If this happens, you’ll also notice that the taste isn’t nearly as yummy.

      a. When this happens, vape on the cartridge until it begins to get low (or if you’re willing to dump out the liquid inside the cartridge, you can do this immediately). Remove the cartridge from your battery, take the mouth piece off, and with a paper towel over the open hole, sling out the bad liquid until you can’t get anymore out. Then place the cartridge over a clean paper towel, open side down, and let the rest drip out. Give it as long as you can possibly wait.

      b. This will not be a complete fix, but it will certainly help. When you believe you gotten out as much of  the bad e-liquid as possible, give it one more hard sling and refill it again. You should notice that the liquid isn’t nearly as discolored and will taste better.

5. Do not fill your liquimax cartridge to the rim, not even close.

      a. Never fill the cartridge past the 0.9ml measurement line. Honestly, you should strive to fill it just below  this line.

     b. Filling the cartridge with too much liquid risks getting liquid inside the hole where you pull from and you will end up getting e-liquid in your mouth.

      c. More than this, it can fall down the hole and into your battery, which will ruin your battery = not good.

These tips will help you in maintaining your liquimax cartridges, increasing the lifespan, and preserving a better flavor. All in all, the liquimax blanks are a good buy, and when used properly, will help you save a lot of money and give you the most enjoyment out of your e-cigarette.

Credit to: Russell, Lindsay (2013,20,01). v2 Liquimax Cartridges Review PLUS Tips On How To Use Them. retrieved 04 20 2013, from The Vaping Lifestyle - The Alternative To Smoking Web Site: http://thevapinglifestyle.blogspot.com/2013/01/everything-you-need-to-know-about-v2.html

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